District 51 STEM Students Join GMO Founders for a Night at The Observatory

On the evening of Saturday, September 29th. a group of students from District 51's West Middle School finally got their chance to visit Grand Mesa Observatory. They unfortunately got "clouded out" for their planned Spring visit. But this time around it was a big success! The students got a tour of the observatory complex given by Assistant Director Isaac. They stopped outside the Falcon telescope dome and learned about the worldwide project, followed up with a visit inside the Research Dome where remote astronomical research is poised to commence, then proceeded to the main observatory. There, Director Terry demonstrated the astrophotography work that is being done and answered questions from the group. The students and teachers proceeded down to the observing pad where astronomers from the Western Colorado Astronomy Club eagerly shared their knowledge of the night sky and views through the telescopes.

A major bonus for the evening was that John and Vicki Mansur, the founders of Grand Mesa Observatory, were visiting from Florida. They got to interact with the students and teachers and see the realization of their dream and legacy firsthand. The students followed by by sending an awesome, handmade thank you sheet.