GMO Goes to the Delta Career Fair

With the help of local volunteers JD, Peyton, and Beckie, the Grand Mesa Observatory and the Western Colorado Astronomy Club were very well represented at the 2018 Delta Career Fair. This event was held at the Paonia Energy Building in Paonia, CO and there were approximately 250 children visiting from the Cedaredge Middle School. Thanks to the great work of our outreach director Nancy McGuire, the astronomy display was the most eye-catching booth in the room and we had a lot of interest from students wanting to know about careers in astronomy and asking lots of great questions. Peyton, who is 10 years old and himself an aspiring astronomer, is the youngest member of WCAC and was instrumental in rousing interest among his peers at the event. He was very actively engaging other students and inspiring them about being astronomers, and as a result many of the students now want to visit the observatory and attend the public viewing nights we have scheduled.

In addition to the student body there was a lot of interest from community leaders and career professionals who were present. One such encounter was with a man by the name of Art Trevena, who had his own geology display and who is also the vice president of Black Canyon Astronomy Club. After extensive mingling GMO Director Terry Hancock was even invited to do a talk at one of their club's meetings! This was another very successful event that helped put us in touch with the larger astronomy community in this part of the state. Much of the success was due to the impeccable planning of GMO staff, but without the help of our community volunteers its hard to imagine events like these being possible.

Thank you to all who came out!

Delta Career Fair.jpg