"The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars" Light Up Clifton Elementary"

On February 1st., "The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars" was presented to a group of 2nd to 5th graders with Significant Special Needs.The idea was to get them excited about astronomy with a preliminary presentation, then follow that up with a visit by the students to the observatory. The students participated by answering quiz questions and by asking questions. The one question from presenter, GMO volunteer Nancy, that always gets a lot of responses is "who thinks that they might want to be an astronomer or an astronaut someday?" Many hands always go up in the air! A number of teachers attended the presentation as well, along with enthusiastic questions of their own. As astonishing as details about the solar system and the universe are, the video of the GMO roof opening and the telescopes slewing, and astrophotos taken at GMO always prove to be the highlight of the presentation for the young audience members. Audible gasps can usually be heard. GMO looks forward to a visit by the group!