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Another Featured Image for Valentine's Day

One of the latest images of The Heart Nebula captured at GMO was just featured in the European Blog "Universe Of Magic" as a commemoration of Valentines Day!

Terry Hancock was quoted as saying "It is a real honor to be featured on Universe Of Magic which features work by some of the world's finest astrophotographers. This selection in particular has a real significance to me for 5 years ago on Valentine's Day one of my Heart Nebula images was chosen for my first NASA APOD!" (That APOD can be seen here:

Juan Carlos of Universe Of Magic also allowed Terry to write a dedication to his fiance, Nancy McGuire, and included that in the official Universe of Magic post (which can be seen here:

El corazón de Terry Hancock.JPG

Double Feature in Astronomy Magazine

Once again the outstanding work of Observatory Director Terry Hancock's has been featured in the January 2018 issue of Astronomy magazine, and this time it was even a double feature! The first image, which features the the Southern portion of the Orion region, appears on page 8 in conjunction with an article titled "The Beauty of Nebulous Space". The second image is of the Pleiades and was titled entitled "Seven Isn't Enough". This second image appears in the Reader Gallery on page 71.

Both photos were taken using Grand Mesa Observatory's Takahashi 130-FSQ and QHY367c One Shot Color camera.

The Iris Nebula - Published in Astronomy Magazine

Observatory director Terry Hancock had yet another image published in Astronomy Magazine, this time in their November 2017 issue. The image can be found on page 73 in the Reader Gallery. Entitled "Blue on Black", it was photographed using Grand Mesa Observatory's Takahashi 130-FSQ and QHY367c One Shot Color CMOS camera with the Iris Nebula (NGC 7023) and the surrounding LBN 487 region being the featured targets.

Congratulations Terry! Great work as always!


Astronomy Magazine NOV.JPG