M33 (System 2)

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System 1: CLICK HERE

(Takahashi FSQ130 + QHY 367C)

System 2: CLICK HERE

(Sky-Watcher Esprit 150 + QHY 168M)

System 3: Coming Soon

(PlaneWave 12.5” CDK + QHY 16200A)



Each system will have a monthly poll containing 5-10 targets that have been pre-selected by GMO staff for compatibility with each respective system. The poll will be posted to the system-specific login pages by the end of the previous month. The 2 highest ranked objects will be selected as the final targets for the following month and selections must be made before the 20th of the month in order to be counted. Those who miss this deadline will have to accept the group’s selection, and if no votes are cast then the GMO staff will select two of the targets on the list. Subscribers will receive access to both their monthly poll and their monthly data allotment through an online download link, all of which can be found through the system-specific login pages. Once a target has been selected it will not be available on that particular system for one year.


Data sets for each target will include no less than 4hr of light frame data but the final amount will be at the discretion of Grand Mesa Observatory staff. In addition to total exposure time, GMO staff reserves the right to decide exactly how much data is acquired for each filter (where applicable), but calculations will be made to maximize the effectiveness of a system for any objects selected.

All data sets will include the raw files for each channel, the pre-calibrated raw files ready for stacking, and the pre-stacked master files ready for combination. In addition, master calibration files for each particular system will be available in their own folders, and will include all of the individual calibration frames as well as master dark, master bias, and master flat files. All downloads can be found on the system-specific login pages.

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