Telescope Hosting

Observatory Space 2.JPG

As we are still in the early stages of development we cannot guarantee any available pier space at the moment, but please reach out for any inquiries about availability and time frames.

The following fees will be required for all parties wishing to rent out available pier space at the Grand Mesa Observatory. All prices in US Dollars and payments are to be made out in advance either monthly or yearly:

  • Pier Site Rental $700.00 USD per month, Paid in Advance, minimum term 12 months. Plus taxes if applicable.
  • Setup cost $500.00
  • Steel Pier $500.00 (or if you prefer you can supply your own pier)
  • Shuttle DS81 Mini PC with Win 7 OS $950.00 (or you supply your own Mini PC)

Included in monthly rental:

  • High speed Internet (we have broadband internet 60Mbps down and 60Mbps up)
  • Dropbox for Data Upload
  • Onsite Maintenance and Troubleshooting limited to 5 hours per month, additional time @ $50.00 per hour
  • 110volt (with Web Power Switch) and 12 volt power to each pier
  • Access to weather and cloud station, sky quality meter and an all sky camera.
  • Web Cam monitoring of equipment  

*The setup cost of $500.00 includes assembly and installation of the Pier, Mount, Telescope, CCD, Polar/Drift Alignment and PC and associated hardware supplied by client. We can setup software for additional cost.  

NOT Included in the monthly rental:

  • Insurance of your equipment is not included, we can insure for approximately $10.00 per $1,000.00 value.
  • You will need a subscription to Dropbox Pro $99.00
  • It does not include any software or software installation, supplied by client and installed by client once we have established communication. 

You Provide:

  • EQ Mount suitable for Remote Imaging such as a Software Bisque Paramount ME or similar.
  • Imaging camera and all relevant accessories such as filter wheel, filters, and guide setup.
  • Pier that is able to support the aforementioned mount
  • PC (we recommend Shuttle DS81 or similar)
  • All Wiring, Cabling and connections.
  • Mount Hub Pro or similar for remote 12 volt operation.
  • Supply and Install all of your own software for Telescope Control, CCD and Automation.
  • Flip Flap Flat Fielder (we are also looking at a wall mounted LED Flat Field Panel as an alternative) 

What we need to know in advance:

  • Your telescope mount.
  • Your telescope type and aperture.
  • Your time frame for installation.
  • What is the maximum height of your mount to determine height of pier.
  • Or If you are supplying a pier we need to know height.
  • If we are insuring your equipment we need to know the equipment value