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If you're like us and tired of imaging from light polluted skies, have poor weather conditions, or even just want the experience of imaging with truly state-of-the-art equipment then we have a solution! In addition to rentable pier space for your own equipment, the Grand Mesa Observatory will also be offering a variety of options for those who would like to rent the gear as well as the location. In addition to private nightly rentals, our available setups will also be available on a subscription basis, with monthly polls being conducted for subscribers to each particular setup and the most popular objects will be selected for that months targets. As we expand there will be other rental opportunities, but for further current details and rates please visit the Available Equipment and Rental Rates pages.

One key aspect of the Grand Mesa Observatory is that we are fully certified 501(c)3 nonprofit educational facility, which means that all income from the telescope and pier rentals will be used to fund the observatory's operational expenses, along with our educational and community building missions. Furthermore, we will be working alongside Colorado Mesa University and The United States Air Force to bring research-grade facilities to the Western Colorado region as part of their Falcon Telescope Network. For more details on any of these projects, as well as a complete mission statement from the Grand Mesa Observatory, please check out the more in-depth Nonprofit page.

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Our Facilities

Find out about our organization, mission, and all of the awesome gear we have to make it happen!

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From the darkest corners of the universe to red LED lights on our public viewing pad, check out everything GMO has to offer!

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Along with our images and equipment, we wanted to share our passion for astronomy with the world! Through our blog "Once Upon a Photon" you will receive regular content including event summaries, imaging tips, recent publication announcements, interesting articles and more! All from the minds behind Western Colorado's finest astronomical facility.


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