Astrophotography at the Art Center!

From October 31st. through November 14th., astrophotographs taken right here on the Western Slope were featured in an exhibit at the Western Colorado Center for the Arts. Four members of Grand Mesa Observatory, Terry Hancock, Isaac Garfinkle, John Mansur, and Tom Masterson,  joined fellow Western Colorado Astronomy Club member, Victor Barton, in showcasing their talents. The photos covered a diverse range of deep sky celestial objects and were done in color, black and white, and Hubble Palette. The artists donated to, and participated in a "First Friday" event sponsored by the Art Guild. Astronomy themed refreshments delighted the large crowd of art enthusiasts who attended. The artist astrophotographers who live locally were present to talk about the photos with visitors and answer questions. There was a great deal of fascination, pride and enthusiasm when people learned about Grand Mesa Observatory and the work and public outreach being done there. Many inquiries were also made about the astronomy club and it's mission to promote astronomy to the people of Western Colorado.

A smaller reception was held the following week for members of the club and the observatory staff along with GMO volunteers. 

The icing on the cake were "sold" tags on some of the prints. The Art Center advised that this was a first-of-its-kind show. It made quite an impression on visitors to the Center.